Women more likely than men to ogle !

May 05, 2012

Women are the guiltier party when it comes to checking out members of the opposite sex while on holiday with partner, a new study has revealed.While a total of 56 per cent of men admitted ogling other women on trips away with wives or girlfriends, 74 per cent of women on breaks with their male partner confessed to checking out other men, the poll by travel agent sunshine revealed. The survey also revealed that 77 per cent of those eying up the opposite sex try to cover it up, for instance by waiting until their partner was not around or by wearing sunglasses. Some of those surveyed pretended to be looking at a member of the same sex, while others just made sure their partner did not see, the Sun reported. “When looking into whether or not men and women in relationships ogle other people on holiday, despite being with their partner, it was interesting to see that women were the guiltier party. Either that or women are more honest,” Sunshine co-founder Chris Clarkson said. The survey included a total of 1,972 people who were in relationships and who had been abroad on holiday in the past 12 months.

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