Types of girls to stay away from

Mar 03, 2012

Someone who has no Girlfriends

There’s something really appealing about a low-maintenance girl who can hold her own with all your guy friends. But a girl who has no girl friends whatsoever should set off warning bells. The biggest tension would be she has all the time for you & might nag you for every small thing. No guys wants that, so stay away from this breed.

Lights, Camera & Action

Oh Charlie boy ! This girl thinks that life should be like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Everything picture perfect from the anniversary to the birthday. You might take it a few times but sometime or the other it gets on to your nerves.  Think about your situation when she says “Honey, this place looks like the one in Rang De Basanti” . F@*K you bitch who cares which  movie or TV serial was it from !

Someone who always expects you to pay

You pay for the first date but you got no money plant. If she is spending some quality time with you & hogging her eyeballs off at Dunkin Donuts then whats wrong in sharing the bill. Having one partner shoulder the financial burden is just not realistic with the economy having a topsy-turvy flow.

The  boyfriend girl

Looking through her Facebook pictures, you notice that she’s changed partners more often than her hairstyle. We’re not talking about a woman who hooks up with a lot of guys, we’re talking about the woman who embarks on full-on relationships with one guy after another — cutesy couple pictures on Facebook and all. This girl hasn’t been single since she was 15: the chronology of her life seems to be marked by ex-boyfriends.  So who are you really dating? A well-rounded woman? Or an amalgamation of ex-boyfriends who will find a new boyfriend after she’s through with you . These type of species we classify as parasites. Sooner you identify them, the better it is for you & your blood.

Curious case of a dabba

Its always emergency mode for her. She’s going through a really hard time right now. Except that time is always. To be clear, we’re not talking about normal women who are going through a rough period, we’re talking about that woman whose very identity is tied up with the fact that she’s a mess. Her temper, unpredictable moods, and sudden fits of crying. Here’s a woman who needs you to fix every small damn thing from talking to her long distance cousin to her PMS.

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