Types of boys to avoid

Mar 03, 2012

Boys are like magnets and attract girls instantly. But, not all boys are good. Some will use and leave you heart-broken. In this article we have tried categorizing men that girls should avoid. It is ideal to maintain a safe distance from these men.

  •  Casanova – The most dangerous boy to avoid is a Casanova. He may be interesting to talk to, but it is the fact that he does not like taking a shower with the same girl every day. Though he has always been the below average boy in class when it came to studies, when it comes to girls, he is the highest scorer. He loves variety. The most common characteristic of a Casanova is that he can befriend girls in a jiffy in all the leading clubs and pubs. Those are the type of men who like to remain bachelors forever. If you happen to be in a relationship with this boy, he will never introduce you to his friends, which is an apparent hint that he does not want to settle in life with you. The most famous dialogue, “till date I never found anyone of my type” and (never will).
  • Workaholic – These men give their work more importance than their girlfriends. They prefer working the whole day and night long like “If Tomorrow Never Comes”, but tomorrow does come and so does his new set of work. His girlfriend is just like a mistress to him, means to quenching his sexual desires.
  • The Marriage man – Though these men are always looking forward to getting married unlike the Casanovas, but they treat marriage like a luxury item. For them it is a deluxe service and will soon get over you within a count of few years and will soon be in a pursuit for a new luxury device. These men are very inclined towards getting married and most of the time they are already married. Avoid such men. They tend to get very impatient when you avoid the marriage part.  While dating married man, find out the number of marriages he has been a part of.
  • The Pauper – These men love to lead a life on the woman’s money. Whenever they have to pay, they will come up with frugal excuses about leaving the wallet at home or a pick pocket on the way. These men have a tendency of hooking up with women who have a lot of money. Avoid such men else you might end up buying him a car, a house and other luxury items while he keeps coming up with excuses focusing on the fact that it is “ours”.
  • Mama’s boy – These are men whose life decisions have been always tackled by their mothers. So these men can be great romancers and know how to treat their girlfriends the perfect way. The only flaw, they keep comparing their girlfriends to their mothers. Avoid them.
  • Egoistic – The most common observation, you will never find him cribbing about any decision he has taken in his life even though it has caused his downfall. He will never take your success with an open heart and may try to insult you at a public gathering as a gesture of superiority. He will never have any real friends, but just a bunch of sycophants.
  • The possessive – These men try to impose their decision on the girl. Initially, it begins with movies and restaurants of his choice to the type of clothes and make-up you apply. It is like robbing you of your freedom. You won’t like such an existence will you?

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