Type of boyfriends !

Apr 04, 2012

Please keep in mind that the contents of article are highly effective and can be wrongfully used in the hands of the some people. Here we tell you about different type of boyfriends and husbands and a little insight into them.

  • The romantic one -He sees himself as a metrosexual man, his girl sees him as the father of her kids and the other men see him as a candle lighting hemophilic.The romantic guy is one who knows how stay in a women’s heart, but reaching there is a task.The romantic one is generally a naïve man who relies on his in-depth sweetness to get his work done.

Reality: The romantic one is usually the one with a lot of free time on his hands.

Imagine a workaholic planning a weekend outing to a hill station with a picnic basket while he could finish some work back home and probably sleep a little extra.What to do when he goes out of out of hand: When your man keeps the KarvaChaut ka vrath with you, you know it’s going out of hand. Perhaps when a boyfriend screens “A walk to remember”, its time for the girl to think of other serious options, else match his antics!

  • The Laid back one-He is the most misunderstood guy of the lot. Just because this man does not make breakfast for his girlfriend but orders it from a swanky place, doesn’t mean he loves her less. His girlfriend complains to her girlfriends perpetually, about his laidback-ness. She isn’t to blame, the laid back guy does not care two hoots about the complain. He gives her just enough attention so that she does not breakup nor does she keep calling/texting/bbming all the while.

Reality: This man loves his space, so much so that he will throw away his phone during a Champions League match and make up a clever alibi when he is asked for an explanation.What to do when he goes out of hand: The laid back one will NOT be laid back when actually comes to getting laid. Contrary to his usual working methodology, the laid back one needs action just as any other sexually active male. So if and when you can’t take his “chilled out” nature, withhold all physical contact.

  • The angry one-Every time this man raises his hand in an argument even for scratching his face, his girl will, in all probabilities, duck for her safety.The angry one is like any other man, eats 4 meals in a day, might go to the gym, and has a smile on his face when his girl does something good. The problem is when she does something, which he considers not good.Oh, this man gets volcano angry, but will never hurt his girl (abusers don’t deserve to be called men anyway), because he loves her too much to loose his temper like that. They say you hurt yourself when you get angry.

Reality: Each time the angry one gets angry, give him a few minutes, he will come crawling to his girl. He will caresses his own ego.What to do when he goes out of hand: If anger is the only thing you sense in the room, then probably make him laugh, somehow. You’re his girlfriend, refer to some embarrassing past memory, talk about how weird was it when you both had your first time.

  •  The outgoing one -Since we covered the laid back one, it’s natural that we cover his opposite. The outgoing one is the man to be with, if you are into the local (sometimes the national) party scene. Staying back at home on a Saturday night for this man is like asking Michael Phelps to stay out of the pool during the Olympics.This man is usually the one who knows everyone, everywhere. His Facebook account(s) are usually spammed with friend requests and event invites. No, the outgoing one is not the cool one, he is the coolest one!

Reality: If you are on the first date with this man, you will be amazed as to how many “home boys” “peeps” and “folks” he knows. Then later, with each consecutive dates, you will be annoyed. The man won’t have much time for you.What to do when he goes out of hand: The outgoing one is usually an alcoholic. The rate of alcohol consumption and amount of parties is directly proportional. When you smell more beer and less deodorant it’s time for you to call an intervention, perhaps ask him to shift to healthier options like Lauki ka juice. (Ya right!)

  •  The (Ultra) obedient one:

Tommy, sit!

Tommy, fetch!

Tommy, go and buy me a diamond necklace!

Tommy, no sex for a week!

 And each time, tommy does what his girl tells him to do. Tommy here is not a dog; he is obedient man (dogs are better off, actually). Tommy is closer to his girlfriend’s friends because they are the ones who understand the atrocities faced by the poor man (calling him a man is an irony, really)

 Reality: It may look like he needs his girl and hence he is so Joru ka Gulam types, but in reality, his girl needs him more. If this man were to go away, his girl would feel like a dicktator having no one to dicktate to.What to do when he goes out of hand: The more he goes out of hand; more the woman will adore him.

  • The possessive one -This man loves his car, his sister, his dog, his guitar but what he loves the most, is his girl. All that love does not resulting gifts and goodies, but results in something girls love and hate equally, ie- possessiveness.In a pub, this man will not look for other hot girls, he will try and spot (later eliminate) the potential rapists, molesters and conversation starters. Not to keep society safe, only to keep his girl secure.

Reality: When you see this man being less possessive, it’s a sign that he now has something else to be possessive about. Just hope, he isn’t cheating on you!What to do when he goes out of hand: As a girl you would like it initially, but then, his possessive attitude will result in you assuring him (all the time) that the 2 am SMS you got was your father and not some ex. When it comes to worst, you can’t talk sense into him, all you can do is distract him while you enjoy some breathing space. As a guy writer, I would want my girl to gift me a PS3 or the new Alienware laptop, so you can start there!

Well, there are a few other traits of men that you will find around. But these are the most commonly seen.

Your man might be leaning to one trait more than the other, but it is a universal fact that all men have all the above traits and have some more characteristics that are unique to him. So, don’t regret that your man is the laidback one, because this man can become the romantic one when the time’s right. Similarly, if you hate that your man’s always angry, be content with the fact that he will bash the next guy who misbehaves with you.



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