Tips for being a great kisser !

Mar 03, 2012

Kissing can be a smooth and soothing art form, or it can merit you a slap across the face. The slap across the face scenario can come from kissing a woman who does not want to be kissed, but it can also come from being a really crappy kisser. Crappy kissers are selfish, pushy and frequently use way too much tongue. Good kissers, on the other hand, follow several tips that can turn a potential slap across your face a major smile across hers.

  •  Good kissers vary with the passion and the person. No two moments are the same; neither are any two women. Good kissers match the moment by kissing softly, vigorously or all-out manically as the mood may be. Good kissers also match the kiss to the women. You can often tell by a woman’s personality if she’ll appreciate a soft, gentle kiss or a vigorous “I want you” smooch. And unless she is clawing relentlessly at your chest hair, you may want to ask before you go for the all-out maniacal kiss.
  • Good kissers don’t make her lip bleed, your teeth clink or stick your tongue down her throat. Avoiding those three major “don’ts” may not automatically put you in the good kisser category, but at least it takes you out of the sucky kisser one. Tongue can be overrated, especially when it ends up gagging the chick. Good kissers will keep their tongues in check and their teeth to themselves. Biting may be fine for a vampire flick, but blood oozing from an injured lip has this way of being not very sexy at all (especially if either of you are wearing white and end up with blood stains down the front of your shirt)
  • Good kissers enjoy the kiss. If your kissing feels more like a chore than gesture of endearment, you can probably bet you are doing something wrong. That also applies if your mind is wandering off into random thoughts, like taking out the trash or wondering if you cleaned up the dog doo. If you are instead wholly relaxed and awash in the moment, only aware of the sweet smell of her skin and soft touch of her mouth, you can probably bet you are doing okay.
  • Good kissers make sure she enjoys it, too. The ultimate tell-tale sign of being a good kisser is the woman’s reaction to your kiss. Good kissers are often rewarded with cooing sounds, passionate grunts or, at the very least, a “that was nice” at the end. Bad kissers can leave a woman wiping her face in disgust or actually making gagging noises. You’ll know you’re not in the good kisser category if the smooch ends with violent retching sounds.

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