Things you should know after the first date

Mar 03, 2012

A First date conversation can vary greatly, depending on what you do and whether there’s chemistry. The funny thing about humans is that they are so conscious about what they want to hide from you comes out in a subtle way, no matter how hard they try. Irrespective what you talk about on your first date, there are certain things that you should definitely know by the end of it.

Things You Should Know:

  • If they’re employed not necessary where
  • If they’re cheap
  • If you have at least ONE thing in common.
  • If they talk about themselves the whole time.
  • If they’re funny.
  • If they’re smart.
  • If they’re insecure
  • If they seem genuinely interested in you.
  • If they’re polite.

Things You Shouldn’t Know

  • How much money they make.
  • How hard they’re working to overcome their self-esteem/psychological problems/dealing with their past
  • How amazing their ex was.
  • How many other dates they’ve been on lately.
  • How uncomfortable their headaches/kidney stone is making them.

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