They mend torn shoes and torn hearts. All of them suffer from the cobbler syndrome ready with their needles of hope to sew up your tattered heart.

  • Ankit  Anubhav
    Ankit Anubhav (The Founder Cobbler)

    He is allergic to headshots and using his last name. Wanted to operate people, learnt to fix electric meters, however, finally ended up being a media junkie cum entrepreneur.

  • Alina Wadiwala
    Alina Wadiwala (The Sizzling Cobbler)

    She is in her words is a 'complicated light hearted fastidious fussy humorist' in short a multitalented persona. Her uncanny resemblance to Nargis Fakhri makes her a hit with the opposite camp. Idiot box loving idiots have seen her bossing about in Bigg Boss 2.

  • Chandni Chothani
    Chandni Chothani (The Funny Cobbler)

    Born and brought up in South Mumbai who is absolutely fond of Starbucks coffee. A perennial traveller and explorer who is great company to be around due to her extreme smart sense of humor!

  • Divya Khanna
    Divya Khanna (The No-Nonsense Cobbler)

    The highly time bound no nonsense girl who has her own thoughts on Rajnikant and CID (we better not question them). The only rule she abides by is to see people smile and can go any lengths to do so.

  • Nandita Rambhia
    Nandita Rambhia (The Ambidextrous Cobbler)

    A professional psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Applied Psychology, she tackles your problems with "focused talk therapy". Married for 17 years now, which should make you confident while confiding to her, as she has seen the highs and lows of relationships.

  • Dr Kirti Anurag
    Dr Kirti Anurag (The Doctor Cobbler)

    The most troubled souls find solace in his advice and easily open-up to him with their problems.