Table manners- Tips to fetch those brownie points

Mar 03, 2012

There are certain set of etiquettes that every individual should follow while sitting and eating at the dining table. There has been a case where a person admitted to have been dumped by his/ her partner for he/she lacked the basic table etiquettes. If you too have had a break because of this reason, you are not the only one.

There have been a lot of break-ups in the recent past due to similar reasons. For example, people are judged on the way they cut bread slices. Cutting a big slice is a big no-no, while cutting an extra small size will take you hours to complete. So do not feel dejected. These are some tips that will help you rework on those mistakes you committed on the previous date. You never know, you might create an impact on your date with the perfect table etiquettes.

  • The first and the foremost mistake which most commit is to grab the fork and the knife in the wrong hands. The left hand is meant for the fork and the right hand is meant for the knife. It is never a compulsion to eat with a knife and fork in order to show off. It eventually becomes a turn off when people commit the error. Try avoiding knife and fork in whichever way possible, tell your date that you are an Indian and prefer using your hands. This will fetch you brownie points for being honest.
  • Do not wave your knife or fork in thin air while making a statement. It is considered to be rude. Also do not hold your knife as if you are holding a dagger and you want to kill someone. It speaks of your aggressive nature. Do not open your mouth and eat. Your partner is not conscious about the way you check your food and the fact that how you actually granulate the food particles. It looks ugly. Also, do not speak with food in your mouth. Chew softy,swallow slowly and then speak. It creates a better understanding. If a food particle gets stuck to you tooth, do not start pricking at it on the dining table itself. It looks really nasty and creepy. Most men have this habit of trying to dig it out with their finger nails. The best way is to excuse oneself, go to the washroom and clean it.
  • Do not speed with your food. No one is in a hurry. You and your partner have come to spend a peaceful evening or afternoon together. It is also important to maintain a good sitting posture while you eat. It is essential to keep your elbows away from the table while eating. If you rest your elbows on the table, there are chances of you knocking the table and as a result the food tends to spill over. This creates a dirty atmosphere. You never know you might spoil your girlfriend’s new dress.
  • Girls have this habit of applying lipstick while sitting at the dining table. They tend the spoon or any other shiny object around as a mirror. It is a big turn off, as the twitching of the lip muscles give a funny feeling to the opposite gender sitting on the opposite end of the table. The best thing is to excuse oneself, go to the washroom and apply.
  • Also, if you are out on a tea/coffee date or you have ordered something hot like soup, do not blow into it. It looks ridiculous as people try to cool the hot items in order to consume it. Take small amount and bow softly without making your partner aware of it.
  • It is considered rude to ask you partner where they are going when they get up and leave the table. Especially when out on a first date, your partner might feel awkward to tell you that he/she wants to go the washroom. If you question him/her, you might be tagged as the insecure one or the inquisitive one. It is a turn off.


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