Sex & Women

Mar 03, 2012

The study of women’s sexuality is the longest running unofficial research paper. The findings are weird & contradictory. Never the less we got you something that might surprise some men.

Women Do Get Turned On By Other Women

Women tend to become aroused by all sorts of erotica, including scenarios with men, men and women, and just women, which indicates a bisexual arousal pattern. But this doesn’t mean women all behave in a bisexual manner. Nor does it mean that your wife will be game to bring home the cute receptionist from her office for a threesome at night. It simply means that many women can be turned on by both thoughts or images of both genders. Basically a two way switch, where the circuit is completed both ways.

Ones Who Think They’re Hot Orgasm Easier

Body image is connected to sexuality for women. Women who are more positive about their own genitals find it easier to orgasm and are more likely to engage in sexual-health-promoting behaviors, such as having regular gynecological exams or performing self-examinations. So choose your way but improve your image atleast in your mind, so that you don’t have a hard time reaching your peak.

You cheat, I wont

Women fear emotional infidelity from their partners more than physical infidelity, and men fear the opposite. That means long, lingering platonic lunches might drive your gal more crazy than knowing you had a one-time hookup while you were dating her. As for their un-explanatory behavior, women feel less guilt about a sexual affair than men but they feel a lot of guilt about an emotional affair.

Woman Can Be Wet And Not Mentally Aroused

Its like being physically present & mentally absent.Women’s brains can separate mental arousal from genital arousal. The two function separately. For instance, even if she is not mentally stimulated, a woman’s body can have a physiological reaction to sex. (Thus the confusion of a few rape victims who experience a spontaneous orgasm during the trauma.)

Bonded After Sex

In general, women have less ability to have a stand-alone physical relationship because their bodies release oxytocin during an orgasm. Oxytocin, the female-bonding hormone, is also released during breastfeeding. For that reason, women sometimes develop feelings through sex even when they don’t mean to. Yes, that’s why you keep getting texts from that girl you casually hooked up with.

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