Make out, or else make way

Apr 04, 2012

In a controlled study on 2 couples where one couple made out regularly whereas the other couple didn’t, the results achieved were:

  1. Couple A who made out regularly had a smother relation.
  2. Couple Bwho didn’t make out had a patchier relation.

The above study was a hypnotically one, but if such a study were to be carried out, the results would be the same.

Making out, in a heterosexual relation (even homosexual) is very important.

We are humans, our closest relatives are the chimpanzees. If you hold a male chimp captive without his mate, the chimp, in all circumstances would go berserk. Man is more evolved. So are his needs.

Wait! The above does not mean man is more “sexually activated” than his better half. Females have needs too, it is just that they are subtle about it!

We are not suggesting that you should, jump on a bed or whatever you can find and start making out every time you want a smoother relation. This article is suggesting that you should be doing the above mentioned, sometimes atleast.

When a couple is making out, they are oblivious to the world around them (see the picture below, taken in the middle of a riot). It is a good thing, for you need to shut things out for sometime. The only person with you, while making out, is your partner. Not the TV reporter, not your boss not even the flatmate who might be getting disturbed.

At one point of our lives, all of us have encountered a partner who is shy with his or her body being explored by the other. Each time when you were alone, didn’t you feel frustrated at the situation? There was heat, chemistry and electricity between you, but only you could feel it?

Luckily, all that the shy partner needed was time. But what if that one hand distance approach lasted forever? You surly would love your better half, but who’s to tell you won’t look for some foreign action next time you’d get drunk?

On a popular sitcom, the in love couple had a mantra for solving their fights and arguments: Every time they are close to having a fight or an argument, they would have sex. This approach is not practical, agreed. But the thought behind it stands true. When a couple is getting intimate, they are getting friendly, cherished and warm with each other (The words used in the previous sentence are synonyms the word intimate, even Oxford dictionary recognizes the importance of making out)

In reality, if you don’t make out, you won’t loose your partner to a break up. You would still be happy and would still be living life king size. But if you do make out with your partner on a regular basis, you can do all the said things with the joy that only couple intimacy can give.

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