Is “She” faking it ?

Mar 03, 2012

You think she’s happy. She sounds pleased. She’s making all the right noises. She’s moaning and breathing heavily. She came… you think. Or did she? She could very well be faking it. To men who are able to come quickly and easily with a few thrusts, faking it seems alien. Why pretend? Why not just come? Well, it’s not always that easy. The reasons women fake it are often as varied as women themselves.

She wants to stroke his ego

A lot of women simply don’t want to hear a man ask them why they didn’t come. The reality is, for many, it’s not that easy to orgasm, and they don’t need to every time. This isn’t to say a woman isn’t enjoying sex. An orgasm isn’t a mandatory for enjoyment. Sometimes she needs a mind-blowing orgasm, and other times, she just wants to be intimate. So rather than have a man keep pounding at her until she’s chafing, it’s just easier to pretend.

She is too inhibited and fears losing control

If she’s the type that has the perfect hair, the perfect job and the perfect wardrobe, she may well be afraid of losing control by allowing herself to orgasm as they think they’ll look ugly or weak or vulnerable.” A woman who is afraid of looking messy, of squirting, having you see her “O” face, looking fat, or otherwise doing something “embarrassing” may be unable to let go enough to let herself climax.

Fear of pregnancy/STDs

If she’s terrified of pregnancy or is simply worried about contracting a disease, she could be unable to focus on the task at hand during sex. A woman in this situation is going to need time and a very safe environment if she’s going to feel relaxed enough to allow herself to let go and enjoy sex without fear. And, of course, make sure you always wrap it up! If she knows you take your sexual health seriously, she’ll feel more comfortable.

There are more reasons why she fakes it after the jump…

She feels guilty about sex

On the other hand, even if a woman knows what gets her off, she may not know how to share it or may be uncomfortable asking for it. Often,  women (and men) are embarrassed about their own fantasies for fear of being perceived as weird, easy, nymphomaniac or perverted. Depending on how she was raised, her guilt could be really extreme, so she might be uptight about sex overall, or just uncomfortable about receiving and experiencing pleasure.

She wants to get it over with

Between work, kids and/or maintaining a household, many women are just tired and lacking in time. Even though society is becoming increasingly more equal, women still shoulder most of the burden in running a home and caring for others, leaving very little time to care for themselves. Or she may just be pissed off at you or tired or hungry.

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