Healing the Broken Hearts Anonymously

Oct 10, 2014

HYDERABAD: ‘Dil toh Baccha hai ji’ and yes everyone is aware of this. But still one would not shy away from meddling with it. Some call falling in love a bliss, whereas, some others who are left with broken heart call it a curse. It’s not less than a challenge for the person to forget their past and move on in life. With technology seeping into each one’s life, people are finding new ways to deal with their heartbreaks.

Seema, a software employee had to undergo a similar trauma recently and was ignorant to talk to her friends regarding her breakup. She chose to consult an RJ of a radio show from where she got the solution. “I didn’t want to reveal my identity to the counsellor, nor did I want to take solution from friends so I decided to consult a love guru. I got a better response from him compared to what I would have got from my friend.”

While the trend of taking solution from an RJ has been prevalent for quite sometime now, Ankit Anubhav, realising the need of a logical solution provider to the youngsters in pain, decided to start a website where he can be available to the people 24*7*365. He decided insist the clients not to reveal their identity. The name of the website he founded is “Be it anytime of the day, we are just a message away from our clients. We act like their friends and focus on providing a logical solution without judging their past. We shower them with gifts which will make them feel good. Keep track of their whereabouts. We visit them if required.” Revealing the number of quires he receives from the city, he says that around 10 per cent of the total number of our clients come from Hyderabad office. “Most of our clients are working and that stress makes them more miserable to breakups.” Not only websites, there are numerous Facebook pages that have come up which promise to bring back the lost smiles. Naveen Kumar who had a breakup recently took help of one of the Facebook pages, Break-up helpline. “I was reading breakup stories online one day and happened to see their page link. Though I could not trust them at first, they provided me with useful solution in the end. Though I could not hide my identity as they got to know everything about me from my account, but I could save myself from meeting them in person.”

Quick Tips by Ankit Anubhav

1Don’t Keep in Touch – By staying in touch with old flames you’re asking for months (if not years) of on-again-off-again uncertainty.

2Workout – It’s a healthy way to work out all of that post-breakup frustration. It will boost your self-esteem

3Throw away anything that reminds you of your ex. The sooner you get all that junk out of your house the sooner you’ll get over him/her.

4 Don’t try to get your stuff back – Forget about all that stuff you left at his/her place. Consider it gone.

5 Exercise your newfound freedom – Being single should be about doing whatever the hell you want. Taking pleasure in all of those things that you couldn’t do being in a relationship is a great way to get over your ex.

6 Get closure – If you’re going to end this thing, end it. Make sure you’re both on the same page. This is a breakup, not a “break.” The two of you are moving on, which means potentially seeing other people. If you feel the need to do a relationship postmortem, do it now. You won’t be seeing him/her again for a while

7 Indulge in things that make you happy – Like hobby classes, baking sessions, yoga and much more.

The one thing which really works is speaking to someone else who is anonymous as they don’t judge you and you are free to vent things out and get more clarity.

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