A Breakup – Eenadu

Aug 08, 2014

eenadu article


We got featured on the largest daily in Andhra Pradesh & Telengana.

One reply on “A Breakup – Eenadu”

  1. You do have a choice. #1) You can play the cards you’ve been dealt by I mean you reamin married, you move on with your life and just keep going. When he sees you’ve moved on it will probably piss him off. 28 yr old with a baby only means sheets. She is probably nagging him to get a divorce so they can get married for the babies sake. He probably doesn’t want to marry her or else he would have divorced you already. She don’t like it any more than you do. Get in control of yourself and live your life. You don’t have to show anger. Communicate with your kids, they’re not stupid. You’re not a fool. Enjoy your children and grandchildren. He’s the one mising out.choice #2) look at your assets, discuss amongst yourselves what each of you want and divide it, or however it will work out, once you agree, then go see an attorney. It will be less costly. My ex and I didn’t fight for anything. We had already agreed on what we were going to do and what we were going to take all we did was file, sign the papers and finito, we were out less than 500.00 Choice #3)He’s still your husband. You want to piss her off, be nice to him and invite him over, just don’t sleep with him. When you need something petty, call him and ask him if he will do the petty task. The 28 yr old is the one with the bigger problems. He took his baggage into her home and with a child.

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