Compliments beat SEX !

Apr 04, 2012


An old-fashioned compliment is better than sex, shopping and even chocolate when it comes to boosting a woman’s mood, a new research has revealed.

Nearly half of 1,056 Indian women aged 25 to 45 polled also said they get more of a buzz from getting their hair done than reaching for a chocolate treat. A third of women said that making an effort with their outfit gives them more of a boost than a steamy session in the bedroom.

And when it comes to shoes, more than one in 10 women say that slipping on their sexiest heels makes them feel better. However, having a bad hair day or arguing with a partner can make all the difference to women’s moods, making them most likely to lose their sparkle.

Nearly two-thirds (64 per cent) said that nice weather puts them in a sunny mood, and more than a third said that a compliment (41 per cent) or a nice text message (35 per cent) lifts their mood. The one stereotype that does ring true, according to the poll, is women’s dedication to ensuring they look good.

But it’s not about vanity as more than a third (35 per cent) said they wear makeup and make an effort with their clothes every day as a way to boost their confidence and feel good in their own skin.

The feel-good-factor that women get from looking good is so powerful that the women questioned rate having their hair done as giving them more of a confidence boost than being promoted at work, completing a gym session, or going on a date.

It’s not just hair and makeup that makes women feel confident about themselves, it seems a change of routine can also have a positive effect. In a world of endless to-do lists and busy lives, 90 per cent of the women polled said “doing something spontaneous” lifts their mood and helps them to ‘sparkle’.

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