Work with Breakuphelpline

We are looking for normal humans. Ones whose favorite pastime is not judging others. We are on the lookout of people with immense patience and calm. Degree matters as less as your looks here, so no bar on that. You however need to be a lucid talker with a heart-full of empathy for others. We however, have few work mantras listed below. If these entice you, you can fill the below given form!!

1.You need to be available 24*7 for providing support to our clients be it through e-mail, whatsapp, or over phone.

2.Our clients are our priority and we make sure we reply to their queries within 24 hours of them contacting us.

3.This aint a full time job and you can juggle this along with the other stuffs you do.

4.We don’t offer a fixed salary because of the above reason and our remunerations are basically incentivising based on performance. So the more clients you attend and more fruitful your guidance is, the more money you make. :)

So lads and ladies make some cash by wiping someone’s tears. Do if from your cosy bed, do it while you party, do it you when you socialize, or do it rather than counting sheep at night. Who else gives such ambiance to work from? And apart from the 100 other reasons why we are the hottest employer in town, the pivotal reason is you have done enough shit to end up in hell, helping people via might be your shortcut to heaven :P. After all a great saint had once said “Kar bhala so ho bhala” (do good to others to get goodness in return) and we fill your piggy banks in return of the goodness.

If you think you have it in you, then go on and give it a shot. Click here to apply.