About Us

So what do we do?

Our team of seasoned break up experts (lads and ladies whose hook up skills can put the Tony Starks and Charlie Harpers to shame) offer unbiased opinions on the shortfalls of your failed relation, help you bounce back and guide you into never making wrong choices in future. They have the patience of saints and get paid for listening to your grumblings.

So why us?

Coz we proudly declare ourselves as the modern day agony aunt. We understand, empathize, vouch for you. And we do it all within 24 hours of you contacting us. We are all insomniacs so we work 24*7. We answer the silliest of the question , apart from the rather serious ones. From advises on the latest fashion to movies, holidays to spas, pubs to spiritual hideouts, you name it and we have it. We brainstorm at the speed of light and are mentally as capable as Superman is physically. Our work motto ,we rest when you sleep with a smile.

So how do we do it?

Enroll for our tailor made packages and make the process of breakup less painful. How? We 3G you, Skype you, Mail you and use possibly every technology to reach out till we pull you out of the shit you have got into. We love smiling faces and can go to any limit to bring some on your face. We are deeply committed to normalise your life and are thorough professionals when it comes to secrecy. We love what we do, hence we are awesome at it. Best part is we are even available in person for an early morning run or a coffee date with you.

P.S – We love India. Name the place you are in and Boom! We appear. If we don’t, blame it on the holes in our pocket, sponsoring our travel would fix the glitch :P

So when to come to us?

When you just broke up or contemplating one. Love is a Rubik’s Cube, looks damn easy to accomplish by the look of it, practically, takes time and patience of Hercules. So register with us when you are confused about your relation, your state of mind, your priorities. We are your personal mobile loveguru ensuring 99.99% success in dealing with your heart matters.

So how did we come up with this idea?

The founder conceived the idea after being witness to the many breakups and relationship issues in the lives of his friends and acquaintances. He imagined a medium which could give first hand insight about such relationship crashes. A chance encounter with the term breakup helpline in Kenny Deori’s book Chocolates_Guitar_Momos gave words to his thought and breakuphelpline.com was concieved. When a blog site was put through it saw numerous registrations which included ones from abroad. Bang! Thought the founder, this concept could be worked. So he borrowed thoughts from friends on how the concept could be put through in a more customer friendly way. Ideas poured in and the actual site was born.