• Why Us ?

    Available 24X7X365

    We tell you how to deal with soul crushing, revenge seeking and self pitying emotions!
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  • Why Us ?

    Promise absolute anonymity

    We tell you how to deal with soul crushing, revenge seeking and self pitying emotions!
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  • Why Us ?

    Move on within a month

    We tell you how to deal with soul crushing, revenge seeking and self pitying emotions!
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We are available from the wee hours of the day to the wee hours of the night. 24*7*365, call us over your breakfast, supper or dinner, we are always super ready to help you. From frown to smile, we will be the irreplaceable catalyst and help you dealing with a break up. We also send you loads of breakup quotes, answer all your situational questions and shower you with all the attention you need to deal with this.

  • Mini Shot
    Mini Shot – 500
    Validity - 3 days

    Vent out all, say, ask, yell, cry out anything and everything about your relationship.

  • Whatsapp Shot
    Whatsapp Shot – 1500
    Validity - 15 days

    Text us as much as you can and we reply back to you 24*7 even while you are at work or at a dinner !

  • Mini Breakup Kit
    Mini Breakup Kit – 2500
    Validity - 15 days

    We give you a fast track shot in the arm to help you over your heartbreak.

  • Breakup Kit
    Breakup Kit – 5000
    Validity - 1 month

    Our team would give you week by week doses till your memories of your past vanishes into thin air.

  • Mega Breakup Kit
    Mega Breakup Kit – 10000
    Validity - 1 month

    We shower on loads of presents like you are a multimillionaire baby to pamper you out of your breakup.

  • Divorce Blues
    Divorce Blues – 10000
    Validity - 1 month

    Court dates, lawyers driving you crazy. We lend you a shoulder to lean on and absorb your pressure.

  • Doctor on Demand
    Doctor on Demand – 1000
    Per consultation

    Unprotected sex, i-pill driving you crazy. Our gynecologist answers your queries on demand.

  • Breakup Insurance
    Breakup Insurance – 1000
    Validity 7 days

    Get your relationship insured so that you don't breakup for the wrong reasons


We aim at providing you with heartfelt, up-to-date information backed by some honest advice. With focus on personal counselling our heart cobbler's, give their views on getting over a break up, relationship problems, dating advice and marriage counselling.



  • Jedilenuo says:
    Nov 6, 2015
    The best part is that these people are available all the time :) God Bless u all for pulling me out of my breakup.
  • Catherine says:
    Nov 3, 2015
    The skype sessions were a super surprise. Thank u for dancing for me on my birthday. Owe u people my life.
  • Priya says:
    Nov 2, 2015
    Ate all the chocolates u sent me in one night along with the handwritten letter. Thank u for all the help.


They mend torn shoes and torn hearts. All of them suffer from the cobbler syndrome ready with their needles of hope to sew up your tattered heart.

Breakup Quotient

Now that you have decided to date, you might want a Linda Goodman or a Bejan Daruwala to tell you both shall click or the flame will get extinguished just too soon. So we have our own Parrot astrologer who reads your sun signs and predicts how much are you likely to Breakup! Lesser the breakup quotient, the better it is :)

Fields marked with a * are required.